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About us

Who are we?

Canadian Immigration and Settlement Solution (CISS) is dedicated to providing professional immigration, study abroad and settlement solutions to immigrants, foreign students and foreign workers. For foreign students: we arrange education opportunities range from ESL School, University Preparation Programs, Diploma Programs, University Degree Programs, Master Degree to PHD Studies. We help students to obtain acceptance letters, study permits and provide intense supports after the student arrive in the new country. We help clients to renew and extend their study permit for free. We also help our students to file their Canadian tax returns. For Canadians: we help you to prepare the application to sponsor your parent(s), sibling(s) and/or spouse to come to Canada. We provide interpretation and document translation services and help prepare our clients for interviews. For Foreign workers: we help applying and/or extend work permit, LMO and visiting visa. we also provide consultation in permanent residence application and citizenship application.

Why us?

Professional Consultants that care about your needs:
we help students choose the best school based on their financial sufficiency, academic background, career aspiration and immigration plans.

Thoughtful after arrival care:
We understand it is very difficult for new immigrants and foreign students when they move to a new country where far away from their families, friends and supports. CISS is dedicated to providing the most thoughtful after arrival care to help students to arrange accommodation, and provide part time job training, look for part time jobs and hold social events that help students and new comers to adapt to the new environment.